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Name:Alice Margatroid
Birthdate:Sep 16
Location:Gensokyo, Japan

Alice Margatroid
seven-colored puppeteer;

Fandom: Touhou Project; Age: 19

Alice rarely attacks humans that are passing through, but she loves a challenge and will gladly accept it if offered. As such, she is a fearsome and determined combatant. However, she has a glaring weak point: she uses her dolls to attack, and as such, much of her energy
is directed into controlling them. Attacking her directly is the best course of action.

amatplayerinfo postHMDcoding

Interests (12):

books, collecting things, dolls, gensokyo, getting my magic back, magic, magic objects, mahou treehouse, marisa kirisame, patchouli knowledge, sewing, the forest of magic
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